Carun hemp syrup BIO 300 ml

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BIO hemp syrup Carun is excellent for maintaining the vitality of the body and is suitable for adults and children.

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No household should have cannabis syrup. According to tradition, cannabis is excellent for maintaining the body's defenses, it contains important vitamins, minerals and other biologically active substances. It is also recommended for people with physical or mental exhaustion or athletes, as it increases performance in the long run and its positive effect on the body's defenses is obvious.

Carun hemp syrup contains an aqueous extract of hemp, which has a beneficial effect on the immune system, natural defenses and against fatigue. The syrup does not contain sugar and is sweetened with a natural apple organic concentrate of the highest quality, it has a pleasantly sweet taste, so children also like it very much.  

Dosage: children under 12 years: 1 coffee spoon at least once a day

Adult: 1 tablespoon at least once a day

The maximum daily dose is not specified. 

Tip:  with Irupe can use to taste, add it to lukewarm beverages or mixed with water as a classic syrup, if you add it to a warmer beverage, recommended temperature of about 45 ° C to a syrup preserve all active substances.

Ingredients:  Organic apple concentrate * , aqueous extract of hemp *, lemon juice *

* Product of organic farming

Taste characteristics:  very delicate taste of a cannabis plant, underlined by the tone of apple and lemon. Carun hemp syrup is suitable for children and pregnant women. 100% NATURAL ORGANIC PRODUCT, without added sugar, chemicals and preservatives. Vegan.

Hemp syrup is generally recommended for: 

  •       higher physical activity
  •       fatigue, stress
  •       mental and physical exhaustion
  •       maintaining health