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Like humans, dogs can benefit from the broad benefits of CBD.

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Like humans, dogs can benefit from the broad benefits of CBD. CBD oil specially developed for dogs will help against joint pain from stress and anxiety against inflammation with problems with digestion, overall calm of the psyche to improve concentration and attention. One drop contains 1.2 mg of the active ingredient. Contains salmon oil. For dogs suffering from fish allergies, we produce CBD in hemp oil, which is hypoallergenic.

The best form of CBD is drops. That's why we took care of every detail and prepared premium quality drops for your pets. We have the whole process under our thumb, from cultivation to processing, to make sure that we deliver the real seed to you. CBD oil is made from salmon oil, which is enriched with CBD isolate. In this bottle you will find 300 mg of natural CBD isolate extracted by the CO2 method from Cannabis sativa plants, which grew completely organic without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In order to maintain the highest quality of the final product. The drops do not contain any addictive substances (THC).

Like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system that is responsible for maintaining homeostasis or balance. CBD or cannabidiol is obtained from industrial cannabis, which is bred to contain high amounts of CBD and minimal THC. Thanks to this, it is completely legal to grow and process it. Unlike the more well-known THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects. It has a positive effect on the physical and mental balance of your dog.

CBD acts on one of the most important receptor systems in the mammalian body - the endocannabinoid system (ES). It affects the immune system, mood and memory, as well as sleep and appetite. The task of the EC is to maintain homeostasis in the body - or balance. Cannabinoids - in this case CBD - help maintain this balance. How do we do it? Carefully selected salmon oil of the highest quality will be enriched with natural CBD isolate. It comes from the Cannabis sativa plant, which is grown by our proven farmers. They carefully grow completely organically, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We guarantee the BIO quality of all our oils.

PACKAGING: For the most convenient and accurate dosing, the package contains a dropper. In order for the drops to reach you properly, we pack them in boxes made of recycled paper.

INGREDIENTS: Salmon oil, cbd isolate (cannabidiol) 300 mg

Contains no addictive substances (THC) Keep out of reach of children.

Dosage and use
ORALLY - CBD oil drips directly into the dog's mouth.
Another way is to drip into food or drink. The ideal dose is 1 drop for every 5 kg weight / day, ie. if the dog weighs 21 kg it will be 4 drops / day. We can apply at once or divide into 2 doses.