CBD tablets: How are they different from capsules and how can they help you?


In the market for CBD products, you will find a wide range of various dietary supplements containing CBD. But each of them works on a different principle and each also has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a look at the relative novelty - CBD tablets.

CBD tablets: What's the matter?

CBD tablets, like CBD capsules, are the simplest form of CBD use. Thanks to precise dosing, unlike CBD oils, you are always sure of what dose of CBD you are giving at a given time.

CBD capsules and tablets vs CBD oil

Until recently, CBD oil was the most popular form of CBD use. However, its taste and method of use do not suit everyone, and therefore CBD capsules are a common alternative to oils. These are also in the form of oil, which is, however, enclosed in a gel capsule, and thanks to that it is used more discreetly and also more accurately. In addition, it has no taste.

The main difference between CBD oil and CBD capsules (and therefore also tablets) is that CBD oil drips under the tongue, where it enters the bloodstream directly and its effects start faster. However, CBD capsules and tablets must pass through the digestive tract, so the onset of their effects is slower, but again takes longer.

Advantages of CBD capsules and CBD tablets

  • No taste
  • Discreet use
  • Accurate dosing
  • No mess
  • Easy and practical

Disadvantages of CBD capsules and CBD tablets

Like any other dietary supplement, CBD tablets and capsules may not suit everyone. It is important to find a way to use CBD that will suit you and bring you the desired effect.

CBD tablets and capsules must pass through the digestive tract before they can work. If you are looking for a faster onset of effects, a form of CBD oils will be more suitable for you. Another option for the immediate onset of effects, which is especially appreciated by smokers, is the vaporization of dried CBD flowers or the use of CBD e-liquids, if you already smoke.

What do CBD tablets help with?

  • CBD has been shown to calm the nervous system, making it an excellent helper for sleep problems.
  • CBD affects the center of the brain, which determines the distribution and production of serotonin and can thus support its production. It helps to combat anxiety, which is a common side effect of depression.
  • CBD improves concentration and perception, and is a great helper, for example, when studying.
  • CBD helps to reduce inflammatory conditions, helps to regenerate cells in depth and is thus a great helper in the fight against eczema and other skin problems.
  • CBD binds to receptors that reduce histamine production, helping to significantly reduce allergy.
  • CBD can effectively help with nausea, seasickness, hangovers, even morning sickness, and especially relieves nausea after chemotherapy.

CBD tablets supplemented with vitamins

Cannaline CBD tablets offer all the effects of CBD, but are also enriched with vitamins B1, B3, B6, B12 and biotin. As a result, they help maintain the normal function of the nervous system and thus help fight restlessness, fatigue, restlessness and poor performance.

In the Cannaline CBD tablet menu, you will find a variant containing 600 mg CBD, 1200 mg CBD and 1800 mg CBD - so you can easily choose the right dose for your needs.


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