Hemp tea, CBD tea & coffee and syrups

How are they made, what do they help with and what if they contain CBD?

Cannabis has been used in human kitchens for thousands of years. Tea is one of the most natural ways to use cannabis, but it is also traditionally used as a spice in the preparation of various dishes. There are now a number of cannabis and CBD foods on the market, but they are often confused.

But not everything in cannabis contains CBD. Let's shine a light on teas, coffees and syrups - how do cannabis and CBD variants differ? And what can they help you with?

Hemp vs. CBD tea

Hemp teas:

Hemp tea is most often a mixture of dried hemp leaves, or a mixture of dried hemp leaves and other herbs. Cannabis leaves contain only a minimal amount of CBD, so most classic cannabis teas are free of CBD. 

It is worth knowing: Of course, it depends on the specific variety - varieties generally rich in CBD offer a decent amount of CBD even in dried leaves. But even if you pour hot water over cannabis leaves rich in CBD, it does not mean that CBD will be released into the tea. CBD dissolves in fats - fats help to obtain active substances from the plant and subsequently allow your body to process CBD. If you want to support the effects of CBD, try adding a piece of butter or fatty cream to CBD tea.

  • Hemp tea from dried leaves has pleasant relaxing effects and it is suitable to drink it especially at bedtime. Some people also use it in multiple sclerosis to relieve tingling and shaking hands. 

  • The menu of cannabis teas includes a number of mixtures of cannabis leaves and other herbs. So you can choose tea according to what effects you expect from it. Hemp Dad, for example, has a varied offer of herbal hemp mixtures - hemp tea for peaceful sleep, for relaxation or better digestion,… 

CBD teas:

Cannabis leaves alone are not enough for tea to contain an effective amount of CBD. CBD tea is therefore referred to as hemp mixtures that contain other parts of hemp rich in CBD - seeds or flowers.  

What are the effects of cannabis and CBD teas?

  • Cannabis tea calms the body and mind, relieves pain, has a positive effect on heart activity, lowers blood cholesterol levels, helps with digestion and improves sleep quality. Cannabis tea is therefore ideal for soothing at the end of a long day, to promote good sleep.

  • In addition, cannabis teas containing CBD offer the effects of CBD and offer a number of other benefits such as support of concentration and memory, suppression of nausea or alleviation of depressive states.

  • Cannabis and CBD herbal mixtures then combine the effects of other herbs, with which they support each other and help with various ailments - all you have to do is choose the mixture according to what effects you expect.

  • Neither cannabis nor CBD teas are psychoactive.

Hemp and CBD coffee

Coffee can be enriched with cannabis and CBD in several ways. The effects are very similar, differing mainly in taste. Coffee ground together with hemp seeds has a specific hazelnut taste, but the taste of coffee enriched with CBD oil or CBD crystals is completely unchanged. 

  • The coffee beans are roasted, mixed in a certain ratio with hemp seeds and the mixture is artificially ground. The seeds give the coffee an interesting nutty taste, and in the case of seeds rich in CBD, the resulting drink offers the effects of CBD in addition to the classic stimulation.

  • Ground coffee can also be enriched with CBD oil or CBD crystals - unlike seeds, they offer a more pronounced effect, a higher concentration of CBD and an unchanged coffee taste.

  • Of course, coffee can also be mixed with leaves or flowers, but the resulting taste no longer has much in common with coffee, so you will rarely get such a mixture. But there is nothing stopping you from preparing it yourself.

CBD and caffeine: Does it go together?

Cannabis and CBD usually induce relaxation at the body level, while coffee stimulates the body. At the psychological level, however, both substances help with concentration and encourage creativity. So is it appropriate to combine two substances that have such opposite effects on the body shell?

Yes. This is precisely because it has the opposite effect on the body. Coffee increases alertness, supplies energy, increases pressure and stimulates the nervous system. Elevated heart rate, hypertension, and a stimulated nervous system can cause nervousness, anxiety, or even panic attacks in more sensitive individuals. Once the caffeine stops working, the mood worsens and a headache can come.

All these unpleasant side effects of caffeine are dampened by CBD! CBD soothes, relaxes, helps against nausea and relieves anxiety. For more sensitive individuals, coffee with CBD is a great tool against fatigue, which also greatly supports creativity and concentration.

Hemp and CBD syrups et al.

In the menu of cannabis and CBD foods you will find many other delicacies:

  • Cannabis syrups, for example, are very popular , which help strengthen the immune system, supply energy during higher physical activity, and strengthen during long-term physical and mental stress. In principle, they do not contain CBD or THC. Unlike hemp teas and coffees, they are also suitable for children and pregnant and lactating women. You can choose from many different flavors.

  • Tea and coffee don't appeal to you much, but can you never resist chocolate? Choose from a selection of cannabis chocolates, where you can even find chocolates with CBD.

  • If you like the specific taste of cannabis, you will fall in love with delicacies such as hemp biscuits, muffins or hemp chewing gum and candies, which you can also buy in the CBD variant.

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